Snowmobile Safety Study Guide

New Mexico Safety Study Guide

The New Mexico Snowmobile Safety Study Guide has been developed to target all learning styles. Whether you're a visual, auditory or hands-on learner, you'll love taking this course to get your New Mexico Snowmobile Safety Certificate.

Narrated Study Guide

If you're an auditory learner, you can sit back and listen to our professional narrator as she reads out the course content. Every single page of the study guide is narrated for your convenience, and you have the option of muting, pausing, stopping or playing the audio at your discretion!

Visual Study Guide

For the visual learners, the Snowmobile Safety Study Guide is packed with over 100 professionally illustrated visual aids that help bring the concept to life! The Snowmobile Safety Certification Exam is also fully illustrated to help bring you back to the study material.

Interactive Course

For the hands-on learner, reading or listening to a course just doesn't cut it. You need to manipulate something to truly understand it. That's why the snowmobile safety course contains over 30 interactive exercises that will help you apply your newly-acquired knowledge or skill set in a practical setting. Interactive exercises cover everything from snowmobile parts to basic riding skills to responsible riding practices.