Snowmobile Safety Training

North Dakota Safety Training

In North Dakota, all riders above the age of 12 are required to carry a snowmobile safety certificate or a valid driver's license when riding on public lands. You can get certified by completing the online snowmobile safety course.

Interactive Course

The online snowmobile safety study guide offers a high-level of safety training with interactive exercises scattered throughout the course, that are designed to test your knowledge before you take the final exam. These interactive exercises are made to prepare you to obtain your certificate, and are ideal for the "hands-on" learner.

Take the Snowmobile Safety Course now and check out the interactive exercises in every chapter!

Hands-on Training

In order to obtain your North Dakota Snowmobile Safety Certificate, you must successfully pass the Snowmobile Certification Exam Online. There is no need to take hands-on Snowmobile Safety training in addition to the online course and exam.

However, Fresh Air Educators and the North Dakota DPR strongly recommend that all snowmobile riders (especially new and young riders) take a hands-on snowmobile safety course, where you can practice snowmobile skills and riding techniques under the supervision of a live instructor. To find out about hands-on snowmobile training in your area please contact the Department of Parks and Recreation.