New York Certification Exam

The New York State Online Snowmobile Safety Course covers the same material that is found on the Snowmobile Safety Certification Exam. By following a few simple steps, you can help ensure your chances of passing the snowmobile safety class!

Study the course material!

This is the simplest way to ensure a high score on the final exam! The online study guide is available at any time free of charge, and has been developed to cover the material found on the New York State Snowmobile Certification Exam, so use it! The study guide is filled with over 100 detailed illustrations and 30 interactive exercises, and is fully narrated for your convenience. Spend a few hours studying the course before taking the quizzes, and see how well you do!

Take time for the interactive exercises!

The exercises that are sprinkled through the snowmobile course are designed to help you review course material and prepare for the final exam. The exercises are user-friendly and provide valuable feedback. Complete the exercises, then the chapter quizzes to gauge your readiness for the final certification exam.

Complete the end of chapter quizzes!

At the end of each chapter, you will find a 10-question quiz covering the topics from that chapter. This is a great way to help prepare for the class and the final exam, since many of these questions will closely resemble those you will find on the final. There are no penalties for failing a chapter quiz, and reviewing your answers will help you gain valuable insight on your progress through the course and the topics you might want to study a little more.